1. How to …

    1. How to get rid of a specific pain
    2. How to get something desirable
  2. News style

    1. Amazing new discovery…
    2. Amazing “new” (re-discovered)
    3. At last …..
    4. New resource reveals ….
    5. Discover how to ….
  3. The number style

    1. 30 ways to make drinking tea more delightful
  4. The immediate result style

    1. At last! Instant relaxation! ….
    2. Instant beauty! Hollywood plastic surgeon releases….
  5. The curiosity headline

    1. You may suffer from this secret sickness that …
    2. Embarrassingly simple secret Instantly unleashes …
  6. Reason why style

    1. 7 reasons why …
    2. 6 reasons why 98% of Realtors quit after one year in business
  7. The address the reader style

    1. Use you and your to address your prospects
    2. Talk to one person
    3. Now here are the tools and resources you need - No matter what product or service you want to sell.. 100% guaranteed!
  8. The question style

    1. Do you make these mistakes in English?
    2. Do you have the courage to earn half a million dollars a year?
  9. The testimonial style

    1. Don’t forget to add ” .. ”
    2. “Mikaela has taught me how to sell and I had a listing within one month of joining EXIT!” admits David Rojas
  10. Top 10 formulas

    1. “Who Else Wants ________”
    2. “Little Known Ways To ________”
    3. “(Number) Of Lessons I Learned From _______”
    4. “What You Ought To Know About _______”
    5. “How To even if/without
    6. “How To ______In (Number) Easy Steps”
    7. “(Number) Reasons Why You Should _______”
    8. “The Ultimate Guide To _______”
    9. “(Number) Things Your (e.g. Close Friend/Broker/Bank) Doesn’t Tell You!”
    10. “The Fastest/Simples Way To _______”
  11. AIDA is a framework for writing the body copy.

    1. A – Attention

      • At the very beginning of your copy you should grab the attention of your prospects.
      • You do that by what’s called using a “hook”.

“Do you want to generate passive income online in an absolutely legit and honest way? Have you had enough of shiny objects, promising you to “magically” make you a millionaire? Do you want to teach online, have thousands of students praising you on a daily basis that your courses have solved their most urgent problems? Do you want to build your social network to the next level? (I’ve got students from 128 countries and I made enormous amount of friends and business partnerships.) If your answer is “YES” to even one of these questions… then this email will knock you off your feet. Hey, Vladimir here –“

1. I – Interest

	- Write about the benefits of your product, not the features!
	- Features tell, benefits sell!

“2. Create Your Online Course In The Easiest And Fastest Way. To be completely honest there are different ways to produce content for an online course. In this section I will teach you THE fastest and easiest way. Plus you don’t have to buy any equipment to get started, because I provide you with FREE resources (software) to help you do the work. I mean, there isn’t any other business like online teaching, because you can start with no investment upfront.”

1. D – Desire

	- Paint pleasing pictures in your prospect’s mind.
	- “Imagine what it would be if you had…”
	- “Just picture yourself for a moment having or doing something desirable.”

“Please, picture yourself for a moment having 10000 students from all around the globe who are grateful to you… how would you feel about that? Imagine having friends from all over the world who are open to go on a business venture with you, because they TRUST you! … And you have the opportunity to achieve all that quickly and easily by taking my course. To save yourself hundreds of hours of hard work and build a solid student base that is eager to enroll in your next course.”

1. A- Action

	- You must have a call to action at the end of your copy!
	- Tell the prospect exactly what you want them to do.
	- Connect the main benefit with the call to action.

“Go ahead and click the “Take This Course” button on the page that will open when you click this link: http:// Stop overthinking… there is no need. After all, what is the worst thing that could happen? You enroll in the course and for some reason you don’t like it - you can get your money back with a click of a button. However, I highly doubt it because so far out of over 1000 students, nobody requested refund, which is indicative of the high quality you will get. By the way, 30 days is enough time for you to launch 2 courses that will cover your investment multiple times in the near future. I’ll see you inside the course. To your success, -Vladimir Raykov” THANK YOU

  1. Examples headlines


  • How To Make Maximum Money In Minimum Time!
  • The Amazing Direct Mail Secret Of A Desperate Nerd From Ohio!
  • How To Get A Product To Sell If You Don’t Have One Already And How To Get It For Nothing!
  • How To get As Much Money As You Need To Roll Out Your Project And Get It Without Borrowing!
  • An Amazing Secret That Can Make Your Newspaper Advertising 750% More Profitable!
  • How To Get The Exact Name And Address Of Every Man, Woman And Child Who Is Ever Likely To Become One Of Your Customers!
  • What To Write On A Simple Postcard Mailing That Will Make People Flood Into Your Business
  • How To Mail Up To 100,000 Letters Per Week At No Cost Whatsoever! (not even postage)
  • How To Make Your Ad In The Yellow Pages Pull In 400% More Business Than It Does Now At No Extra Charge!
  • How To Use Cheap Little Classified Ads To Make As Much As $10,000 Per Day!
  • How You Can Profit From The Coming Stock Market Crash And Financial Blood-bath That Is Going To Be Caused By Cash-Rich Drug Dealers And Other Criminal Scum!
  • How To Reap Unbelievable Profits As The Dow Jones Soars To Over 4000 In The Next 18 Months, And Then Crashes Like A Lead Balloon!
  • How To Make Enormous Cash Profits In The Inevitable Mob-Caused Explosion In Gold Coins!


  • “If You’ve Got 19 Minutes Before You Head Out To Play Your Next Round Of Golf… I Will Show You How To Knock 10 Strokes Off Your Score. It’s Simple, It’s Easy, And I Guarantee It Will Work For You… Or I’ll Pay You $10!”
  • Amazingly EASY Advanced Power Swing Secrets Will Help You ADD At Least 50 YARDS To Your Drives (Instantly and Consistently) WITHOUT ANY EXTRA EFFORT, HASSLE, or PHYSICAL ENERGY— Guaranteed!
  • How A Skinny Little Golf Genius From California Accidentally Started Hitting 425-Yard Tee Shots!

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