Download and install Virtualbox

Get Kali Linux VirtualBox image

What version of Kali is installed

$ lsb_release -a

Update Kali

$ sudo apt-get clean 
$ sudo apt-get update 
$ sudo apt-get upgrade -y 
$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y

Get terminator

$ sudo apt-get install terminator

install anaconda

bash ~/Downloads/FILE_NAME_GOES_HERE
close shell
conda update conda
conda update anaconda
conda clean -t
conda clean -p

Push all web traffic through tor

  • pip3 install requests
  • git clone
  • cd torghost # go inside the downloaded directory
  • chmod +x
  • ./
  • python3 —start Torghost
  • to go back to normal
    • python3 —stop Torghost

If your internet gets messed up:

  • Manually add a nameserver to resolve.conf (this is so you can fetch packages from the Ubuntu repos):
  • sudo vi /etc/resolv.conf
  • Add nameserver to the file.
  • reboot
  • Reinstall the network-manager, libnss-resolve, and resolvconf packages: apt install —reinstall resolvconf network-manager libnss-resolve

If you need to install guest additions: