1. Paid

    1. Paid ads
    2. Fastest way to get leads
  2. Earned

    1. Posting videos/blogs and getting leads from there
    2. Takes time and you have to be good at creating content
  3. Owned

    1. Your email lists, customer lists, cell phone contacts
    2. All social media connections
  4. Manual outbound

    1. Cold calls, text, emails
    2. You are contacting ppl that did not give you permission to contact them
  5. Affiliated

    1. These are all your dream customers in their business (your avatars already belong to a place)
      1. Associations
      2. Clubs
      3. Facebook groups
      4. Mailing lists
      5. Note: If they are not already pooled somewhere, reconsider your avatar/business
    2. Find those companies and create a win win
      1. Compensate them for bringing you leads
      2. i.e. a dry clean store might reach out to a store that sells fancy clothes that need to be dry cleaned
      3. Don’t just drop your business card, or ask them “can you refer me business”
      4. You need to have full integration partners
        1. You have to walk them through what their customer experience looks like
          1. After their customers buys their product/service, I need you to put my card/brochure and staple it to their bag and tell them…….. I will pay you $$$ for every person that signs a leasing agreement
        2. Incentive for fancy store?
          1. I will pay for the first dry clean of the customer.
          2. This adds value to the fancy store as the customer sees they are partnering with other stores for the benefit of their customer and are already saving them money.
        3. Your job is to find many affiliates and integrate exit into their customer life cycle
  6. Referrals

    1. The most powerful
    2. Other people send you the leads
    3. The only way out of the six that compounds. One friend tells 2 ppl. 2 ppl tells 4 ppl.