• What is a network?
    • A network allows nodes to communicate and share resources
  • Nodes
    • Router - These devices forward and connect network traffic between multiple networks
    • Switch - These devices create local area networks (LAN)
    • Firewall - These devices control network traffic
      • Filters traffic based on configured rules
    • Server - These devices make services available to clients
    • Client - These devices will access services available to them
      • Cell Phone
      • Computer
      • Laptop
      • PC
      • Tablet
  • Other important terms to know
    • Cloud - We will call this the “internet”
    • ISP - The company that you pay to get internet access in your business or home

Here is a visual representation of each node

ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Here is a basic network: A network between to PCs is a valid network

  • If PC1 asks PC2 for a picture, PC1 is acting like a client and PC2 is acting like a server