1. Tripod Shot
    1. Not a lot of action going on, we want our viewer to focus on our character
    2. Good for interviews, long form content, tutorials
  2. Gimbal Shot
    1. We are moving the camera with our target (i.e. left to right)
  3. Handheld Shot
    1. Ultimate freedom of movement. Note that the shot might not be very polished as you are moving it with your hands. You are giving up stability for more flexibility.
  4. Push in Shot
    1. You walk towards the target to focus on character
    2. I noticed camera guy had the camera right below the head
  5. Push out Shot
    1. You walk backwards to focus away from your character.
    2. I noticed the camera guy started to tilt the camera 45 degrees to the right when he started to move backwards and then slowly had the camera back to center.
  6. Move in Shot
    1. You start the shot with the target not in frame and you slowly bring the target into frame. This could be used  at the beginning of your shot.
  7. Extreme wide or landscape shot
    1. To show subject in their surroundings
  8. Wide shot
    1. To show the subject closer up than the extreme wide shot but also showing the surroundings
  9. Cowboy or medium wide shot
    1. Taken from the knees or shin up while showing the surroundings
    2. This one is not used very often, was popular in old western movies to show gun holster
  10. Medium shot
    1. Taken from the waist up
    2. Good for talking, interviews, two characters talking, action
  11. Medium close up
    1. Taken from chest up
    2. To convey importance, intimate, for more connection
  12. Close up
    1. Taken neck up
    2. To convey very dramatic/important statements
  13. Extreme close up
    1. Taken even closer than the regular close up
    2. Not very common, but you can use it if you really need to make a statement
  14. Macro shot
    1. Usually used to shoot objects
    2. The viewer is going to think this “blank” is important
  15. Camera movement
    1. Push in
      1. Moving the camera close
    2. Pull out
      1. Moving the camera away, leaving the scene, ending a thought
    3. Tracking shot
      1. Moving with something, moving through a scene
    4. Arc shot
      1. Orbit around target, focusing on a point of interest, good for dramatic scenes
    5. Crane shot
      1. Moving vertically up or down, power change or a shift in the scene
    6. Tilt 13. Angling up or down, great for reveal, showing the size of something 14. Similar to the crane shot without physically moving the camera
    7. Pan
      1. Angling the camera left and right