Hi there!

My name is David and I have made over 1.2 million dollars working in Information Technology. I have cataloged the last 17 years of my journey, aspiring that my experiences may prove beneficial to others.

My Core 4

These are the specific skills I am specialized in.

  • Automation
    • Skilled in automating tasks, including compiling data from diverse sources, preparing it for analysis, and automating decision-making using techniques such as Linear Programming and Probability.
  • Data
    • Proficient in reading data from various sources, manipulating data, analyzing data, and troubleshooting issues with the code that interacts with it.
  • Documentation
    • Proficient in creating clear and comprehensive instructions, as well as developing documents that cover background, analysis, results, and recommendations.
  • Training
    • Excel in one-to-one training, with a strong ability to create effective training materials.

I Help Data Analysts Learn Pandas

You can contact me at david@hedaro.com

Other Interests

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