How to interpret Scripture

  • If what the text says makes sense, stop there
  • Symbols are going to be interpreted by the scripture itself
    • First look at the immediate context of the scripture you are reading
    • If you can’t find an explanation, go backwards within the same book
    • If you still cannot find an explanation, go backwards to another book in the bible


  • The book of Revelation is a letter
  • From the word Revelation, we get apocalypse (to be revealed)
  • Apocalyptic literature is heavily dependent on symbols and it is speaking about future events
  • This book tells us about the second coming of Christ. The events that will lead us into the second coming of Jesus.
  • This was the last book written chronologically in the entire bible
  • John was put on the island of Patmos by the emperor Domitian. When this emperor died, John was able to make it back to Ephesus where he was able to distribute the letter.