• 1 hour 4 minutes

Lesson Prep

  • This lesson covers Baby Steps 4–7
  • Scissors
  • Remember to encourage people to keep going


  • Review the Baby Steps
  • Celebrate plasectomies!
    • Did anyone cut up their credit cards since we last met?
  • Do a budget checkup
    • What category has been a budget buster?
  • Instruct everyone to turn to page 61 in their Member Workbook
  • Take attendance and watch the video
  • Look for your coordinator cue before the One-Minute Takeaway to get ready for the Activity


  • BABY STEP 4 - is to invest 15% of your household income in retirement
  • BABY STEP 5 - is to save for your children’s college fund
  • BABY STEP 6 - is to pay off your home early
  • BABY STEP 7 - is to build wealth and give
  • You’ll do baby steps 4-7 in order but at the same time


  • Does anyone want to share their dream retirement?
  • How will some of you have fun spending your money?
  • How will some of you have fun giving your money?

Discussion Questions

  1. Before this lesson, did you believe it was possible for you to become a millionaire? How has this lesson changed the way you think about building wealth and dreaming about your future?

  2. If you’re a parent, how do you feel about investing for retirement before saving for your children’s college fund? Based on the ages of your kids, what is your plan to send them to college debt-free?

  3. If you’re currently paying a mortgage each month, how would paying off your home early change your life? What would you be able to do that you can’t do now?

  4. When is a time that generosity has impacted your life? Were you the giver or the receiver?

Wrap Up

  • Go to page 77 and read through the action steps
  • Keep working on your budget
    • You need to be aware of how much you have spent on certain categories
    • You need to make a monthly budget
    • You need to be having Budget Committee Meetings