• 66 minutes

Lesson Prep

  • Print out graduation certificates
  • Print extra copies of the Financial Snapshot card
  • Be prepared to celebrate!


  • Express appreciation!
  • Collect the Financial Snapshot cards
  • Review the Baby Steps
  • Instruct everyone to turn to page 129 in their Member Workbook
  • Take attendance and watch the video
  • Look for your coordinator cue before the One-Minute Takeaway to get ready for the Activity


  • If we all became outrageously generous, we could completely change the landscape of America.
  • God is a giver, and because we’re made in His image, we are designed to be generous!
  • God owns it all. We are just managers of His money.
  • We are happiest and most fulfilled when serving and GIVING


  • The tithe is a TENTH of your increase
  • The Bible says to give your tithe off the TOP (firstfruits)
  • The tithe goes to your local CHURCH
  • Offerings are above the tithe and are freely given from SURPLUS


  • Take a few minutes to work through the Activity on page 134 of your workbook. There are already a couple of examples in each category. Then, write down other ways you want to give.
    • What are some of the ideas you all wrote down?
    • Which of these ideas can you do this week?
  • Share your class’s Financial Snapshot figures
    • Can you believe how much you accomplished in just nine lessons? Think of what you’ll accomplish in nine months or nine years! And we’re just one small class. What would happen if the whole community or even our nation started handling money God’s ways? Imagine what we’d be able to do. How much do you think we’d be able to give?

Discussion Questions

  1. Remember, no matter where you are in the Baby Steps, giving should be the priority in your budget! How has this lesson helped you better understand the reason this is so important?

  2. Giving is the most fun you can have with money! How have you had fun with giving in the past? What’s one way you want to be outrageously generous in the future?

  3. What keeps you from giving as much as you’d like to give? How does this lesson help you work through that hang-up?

  4. Whether you have a little or a lot, God owns it all! How does His ownership of everything affect the way you think about what He’s given you to manage?

Wrap Up

  • Go to page 137 and read through the action steps
  • Offer a final plasectomy opportunity by saying:
    • It’s the last lesson, and we’re wrapping up. I’ve got my scissors here with me! Who wants to start our celebration off right by cutting up their credit cards once and for all?
  • Celebrate together and hand out graduation certificates!
  • Encourage class members to become coordinators!