8 elements of a highly convertible offer

  • Framing your value proposition and translating value
    • Address these questions
      • How do I know that what I am paying for is worth a lot more than my investment?
      • What is their dream outcome?
    • Example1 on how to create value
      • If I am selling a time management course that costs 50k per year that is 500 worth of your time every month and $6000 worth of your time every year that you can invest in important projects.
        • This makes it seem like the $497 course is a bargain
    • The goal is to set up the customer with the frame of mind of how much your service is worth and then present the price.
    • How to convert features into benefits?
      • Formula = Because it has (feature). You will be able to (advantage). What that means to you is (benefit)
    • Use power words (257, see download folder)
  • Clear communication
    • Marketing is communication
    • The ladder of abstraction
      • Make sure you communication is clear and not abstract. Be more specific if needed.
  • Social proof/testimonials
    • Can you proof what you promise?
    • Video (the most powerful)
      • Does not need to be fancy and just a few minutes
      • Ask you customers to leave you a testimonial
    • Written
    • Customer/subscriber/visitor counters
    • Reviews and ratings
    • Trust seals and media logos
    • Testimonials are used to build credibility and trust
  • Urgency
    • Causes people to act quickly
    • Use scarcity of quantity to create urgency (limit the quantity)
      • Ie. The people who agree to mee this week get……
    • Use a time limit (count down timer)
      • Try to change the color of the timer when it gets below a certain number
    • Example1
      • Let me know ASAP by replying because I’ve asked several Realtors but I can take only 3 appointments this month
  • Bonuses and incentives
    • Bonuses have to be relevant to your main offer
    • Don’t sell your product and bonuses as a packaged deal
      • Sell your main product and give away your bonuses for free
    • Mention the price of the bonuses
  • Risk removal/reversal
    • You need to remove obstacles and impediments in front of your prospect
    • Guarantees
    • Examples 1
      • Now you have two choices… option #1 - you do nothing…. Option #2 - you meet with us and see if it’s a fit. Make them feel that there is no risk for them.
  • Clear CTA
    • Never assume your visitors know what to do next
    • Connect the benefit to the CTA
  • Building a relationship with your offer - Build a relationship first and then sell the product - The more the prospect trust you the more they will buy from you - How to build a relationship - Carefully crafted marketing sequence - Communicate via email not social media - Squeeze page to autoresponder - Provide free content at first (3-5 emails) - After present offer
  • Email copy example
    • This template has clear communication, social proof, reason why, scarcity, and cta


My name is David Rojas, Sales and Marketing for Exit Realty Preferred Triangle, the only Real Estate company with exclusive deals with Facebook and Google.

Last month we hired a Realtor that was not happy with her firm (she was working for Remax). She mentioned she was not getting the on-on-one training she is now getting at EXIT.

Since EXIT has a goal to grow, we’d like to invite more agents to work along side us.

For that reason, we are offering a free year with EXIT (a $295 value).

That means you won’t be charged for joining EXIT.

You get on-on-one training, leads (and close some), we get to grow. Win-win.

Let me know ASAP by replying because I’ve asked several Realtors but I can take only 3 appointments this month.

Let’s get on a quick call to see if there is a fit.

Looking forward to it!

  • David

PS: To schedule a call with me go to:


PPS: We currently are only meeting with Realtors who are wanting to change firms today.