Here I list everything related to my experience with Web Programming.

My motivation: The main reason I wanted to learn web programming was very simple. I had the skills to work with data and I had learned a lot of math. The issue was that all of these tools were stuck in my local computer and I wanted to be able to harness this power over the internet. Having the ability to work with data and use the math I learned on my very own website seemed magical to me.

I have experience with:

  • Backend Development - This is the server and any other process that happens behind the browser
    • database calls
    • data validation on the server
    • Libraries I have used:
  • Frontend Development - Anything that happens on the Browser
    • User Interface Design
      • bootstrap - This front end framework helped me create “good” looking websites very easily. I was also able to create navigation bars, tables, div, and other common html elements very easily.
      • d3.js - visualization library that allowed me to make beautiful charts using data. This is a very low level language so unless you love this kind of work, you will eventually use a higher level visualization library like dc.js.
      • dc.js - visualization library build on top of d3.js that allowed to create my charts much faster. It also made them interactive and required me to not get too in the weeds.
      • leaflet.js - This is the library I used to map data points into a world map using latitude and longitude coordinates. The map is interactive and it took very little resources.
  • Platform as a Service - for deploying, managing, and scaling web applications
    • Heroku - The third party service that allowed me to host my web application
      • They have a free tier and that is what I have mainly used